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High cost of arranging simultaneous interpretation at multilingual events

Classic “on site” way:
One language pair
50-100 listeners
2-hour long
Equipment rental

Will amount to:
In Moscow MIN 70К RUB
In a distant region MIN 130К RUB


Using SPEAKUS platform
Interpreters operate remotely
Speech translation is available online
No need to rent any equipment
No need to bring interpreters
to the stage

Our tariff for such event:
Use SPEAKUS on SAAS base for 100
euro per hour

Read our rules and fill out an application

Get access to the System

Save money and attract new listeners

Total conference time
The presence of the SU specialist is needed
Yes No
Number of disposable headphones
Branding the application for the listener is needed
Yes No
Total cost* of the event with SPEAKUS, $
* For the subscription you'd be provided with a special price.
* Excluding interpreter's tariff.
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How reliable is the system? Are there any malfunctions during the event?

Hardware and software parts of the system are implemented with the use of proven services and protocols of data transmission, so the reliability of the system depends solely on the quality of the Internet channel in place of the event and the interpreter (in case you work with your translation company).

What are the bandwidth requirements of the Internet channel for users of the system?

The system itself does not create a large load on the channels. To implement audio and video communication of the speaker with the interpreter, it is sufficient channel capacity not exceeding 300 Kbit to connect one listener up to 64 Kbit. But you have to understand that when you connect a modern smartphone to the Internet channel there is a significant side traffic. Therefore, the Rules of providing access to the system provided data transfer rate from 5 to 15 Mbit depending on the number of listeners and distribution channels. More details of the technical requirements listed in the Rules.

Does it require the purchase of additional equipment to operate the system?

No. No additional hardware is required. Listeners use their smartphones to access the channel transfer. The only thing that the organizer of the event should take care of is equipment for access of listeners to the Internet channel. Just put a Wi-Fi router. It should provide steady coverage of the signal of the hall. If there are not more than 10 listeners ordinary home router will suit, if you expect more connections – equipment of a higher class is required. The requirements for such equipment specified in the Rules.

Is it convenient to use smartphones to listen to the translation?

Without the headphones it is not very convenient. Therefore, before the beginning of the event it is necessary to ensure that the audience had headphones. You can just warn them to take theirs. You can order a one-time wired headphones, their price does not exceed 40 rubles per pair. Moreover we offer you Bluetooth headphones with your company or event logo. You can use them in a set of promotional materials for the conference. Listeners will be able to use them to listen to the translation, and then to keep as a convenient and beautiful accessory to the phone. The cost of these headphones varies depending on the type and amount, but not more than 500 rubles per pair.

When should we order?

In case you invite your interpreters, we need a couple days to prepare the system for your event, including channels tests. If we work with you not for the first time and the channels are already verified, you can order one day in advance. If you want to get a full package of services, including interpretation services from our side, we need at least three or four working days for preparation of the service.

What is the cost of your services and how does the billing?

The cost of the system consists of two parts: preparation the system for the event, creating a web page of the conference – 3000 rubles. This amount is paid after we have provided you with a password for user access to the system and tested channels. Next, the charged time of the system is 1000 rubles per hour. This bill is paid within a few days after the event. If you use package that includes use of the system and the work of our interpreters, the hourly rate will be 8,000 rubles per hour.

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